Customer Satisfaction Survey

Convert piles of returned, paper, multiple choice question customer satisfaction surveys to instant survey analysis data, by scanning the paper surveys and uploading the scanned images into computer software which detects which checkboxes have been filled in. The surveys are scanned with a regular image scanner and the filled in checkbox responses are converted into readable survey data which is easily exported to a spreadsheet or other management software in minutes.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates

Start by designing your own customer satisfaction survey template on your computer using the template editor, publishing the template and printing the satisfaction surveys on plain paper.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

The Survey Template Editor has the tools needed for creating multiple choice question, checkbox response, customer satisfaction surveys.

Automatic Processing of Survey Analysis Data

Paper Customer Satisfaction Surveys returned by respondents can be scanned on an image scanner and read with computer software which converts filled in checkbox values into readable survey analysis data. The surveys can be scanned in any order and be linked by the software to the publication they belong to.

Scan Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Download a free printable customer satisfaction survey template

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Multiple Choice Satisfaction Surveys are used to collect standard answer responses and quickly get the information needed for interpreting the outcome of surveys