Employee Satisfaction Survey

Screen hundreds of employees in minimal time, without the need to manually calculate each person’s satisfaction with their workplace environment. Collect fast, on the spot survey analysis data from employee satisfaction surveys, by scanning the paper forms to instantly process the checkbox responses into readable survey analysis data. Do all this in a matter of minutes using your scanner and computer.

Create and Print Unique Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Using the template editor you can design your own multiple choice response surveys which can be scanned and automatically captured with scanning software which converts captured filled checkboxes to readable survey analysis data from hundreds of pages, in minutes.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Template Design

Satisfaction Survey Template Editor User Interface

Download a free printable employee satisfaction survey

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Scan the Returned Surveys to Automate Collection of Survey Analysis Data

Scan satisfaction surveys

Captured Employee Satisfaction Survey Data

Captured Survey Response Data is stored in the software along with a preview of the scanned survey images.

Employee Satisfaction Captured Responses

Scanned images are uploaded into the software which captures the values of the checkboxes that have been filled in.