Survey Software

Using your regular computer, printer and scanner, create and Print plain paper surveys. When the survey forms are returned, scan them to instantly collect feedback data on your PC or Laptop computer.

Create a Paper Satisfaction Survey Template

Download the software free trial for Mac or Windows and Use the inbuilt, fully visual template editor to create and print checkbox response surveys with your own layout. The survey templates designed in the template editor will be instantly recognized by the software. No need to train the template for recognition by the software.

Satisfaction Survey Software Editor

Image: The Survey Template Editor interface for creating multiple choice checkbox bubble templates.

  • Easily add a bank of checkboxes for each question.
  • Import your own fonts and quality svg images to create professional evaluation survey form templates.
  • Add print quality barcodes for form recognition by the survey software.

Create a multiple choice checkbox survey template for your next satisfaction survey and use the free 30 day trial to automatically capture the filled in checkbox values using your scanner and pc or laptop computer.

Publish the Template and Print Paper Surveys

Print and distribute paper surveys

Pusblishing the designed survey template before printing the paper surveys, by clicking the Publish button, creates a record for the template in the survey software’s database, so that when the survey forms are scanned back in after being completed by respondents, the scanned images can be recognized by the survey software.

Scan to collect Survey Data

The paper surveys are scanned and imported back into the software, to detect and capture the filled in checkbox bubbles converting the captured information into readable survey analysis data.

Scan Paper Satisfaction surveys using a document image scanner and convert pen filled check box response marks into survey analysis data on a computer.

Survey software requires clearly scanned images of the surveys so they can be recognized and the responses accurately detected by the software. The satisfaction surveys are scanned using a document or image scanner, preferrably with an automatic document feed tray for fast scanning. The images produced by the scanner will save to your pc or laptop computer and will automatically upload into the scanning software. Survey software can process multiple choice question satisfaction surveys into captured checkbox value data at a rate of around 30 pages every minute or so. The checkbox value data is stored in the software and can be exported to a csv file which is opened in either a spreadsheet or other management software.

Survey software captures filled checkboxes in response to multiple choice questions and automatically converts this data to readable Checkbox data which can be exported to an excel spreadsheet or your regular data management software. When the checkboxes were added to the survey template in the design editor, they contained a letter or a number which is called the checkbox value or mark value. It is the checkbox value that is captured as data when it is detected by the survey software.

Check box value data

Checkbox value data (A,B,C,D etc.) is captured when a checkbox is detected by the survey software as containing a mark.

Survey Software uses a process called optical mark recognition OMR to detect and capture the values from filled in checkboxes. Survey Scanning software is fast, reliable and accurate, processing scanned surveys at a rate of 15 to 30 pages per minute. The captured survey analysis data is stored in the survey software and cam then be exported to a spreadsheet or other data management software on your computer.

Survey analysis data is captured from checkbox responses of scanned multiple choice surveys and exported to a spreadsheet or other management software.

Create closed end question, printable survey templates and collect the response data used for survey analysis automatically with Survey software. Survey software uses optical mark recognition to capture filled in survey checkbox responses on your computer. Create and print multiple choice surveys using the software’s built in multiple choice question survey form editor, which has the tools needed for easily adding the checkboxes which can be recognized by the software. Use a regular document image scanner and a computer for fast automated collection of the the survey analysis data from the scanned completed surveys. It is only possible to automatically collect people’s survey responses from paper multiple choice surveys by scanning the survey forms and uploading the images into software that can read the filled in checkboxes. Survey software for paper surveys is computer software which is used for capturing the pen filled checkbox responses from paper multiple choice question surveys, but for survey software to work, the survey template must be recognizable by the software. The paper survey forms are printed from a survey template designed using the software’s template editor so the surveys can be recognized by the software.

Survey software has it’s own survey template editor for creating and printing multiple choice surveys which will integrate with the software.

  1. Publish and print paper surveys Once the survey template has been designed, it is published within the Survey software and saved to the software’s database, so that the scanned pages which were originally printed from the published template, can be automatically recognized by the Survey software.

  2. Scan surveys to collect survey checkbox responses with survey software Survey software uses optical mark recognition (OMR) which is a computer software process to detect and capture filled in checkbox bubbles from scanned images of the survey forms. The paper surveys are scanned using a document scanner with an automatic paper feeder and the survey form images are imported into the survey software, which captures the values of the filled checkboxes and prints the survey analysis data to an excel spreadsheet or other external management software.

Free Survey OMR Software Trial

Download free survey omr software and use it to create a printable survey template to automatically capture the survey analysis data from your next survey.

Scan Surveys

Scan Surveys to Collect Survey Responses

No need to use an expensive or special scanner to scan checkbox response paper surveys, you can just use your regular image or document scanner for scanning them, then process the checkbox responses into survey analysis data with the survey software. The image files produced by an image scanner are clear enough to be detected by survey software which reads the scanned survey images and detects and captures the filled in survey checkbox bubbles, converting the detected check box responses to value data on your computer.